M.E.’s specialised service acquires the best property for your requirements at the best available price.

Decisions, decisions, decisions… Choosing a home of your dreams is one thing, succeeding in acquiring one is quite another, as anyone who has ever put an offer down on a house knows. You trust your instincts; M.E. helps you.

“We offer a one to one approach to property sourcing tailored to your convenience, for those of you in the UK or overseas looking to purchase property in London, the Home Counties or the South East. We are a small team and our aim is to establish a partnership with you so that property buying can be made simple. We assist in the searching, targeting and evaluating of properties as well as the subsequent offers and the legal rigmarole involved in purchasing a property in this country.” MERCEDES RAMSEY

An initial no obligation consultation is available, enabling you to brief us on what you would require, be it a home or an investment property, and enable us to establish how best to tackle our personal search and advise you accordingly.